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Textile printing

We use three possible technologies for textile printing.  

Thermotransfer : it uses special foils into which the motif is cut using a cutting plotter and then pressed under pressure and temperature onto the textile.  Suitable for a small number of pieces. One-piece print.  

Sublimation printing : used on polyester fabrics or materials. Thanks to special inks that are not applied to the material but evaporate into  inside the material, there is a 100% guarantee of perfect effect. Disadvantages  - printing on 100% polyester only.

Screen printing : we have a six-color screen printing for serial production of textile printing. Advantage - larger volume orders from 100 pieces of one motif.

Machine embroidery:  Machine embroidery is one of the most popular and widespread ways of decorating textiles. The embroidery is on professional clothing, advertising textiles, hotel textiles but also on ordinary fashion clothes. The popularity of this technique is evidenced by the fact that it is becoming very widespread even among the amateur public. 

Thermal transfer

The thermal transfer textile printing that we have at our disposal is suitable in  in cases where direct printing by conventional screen printing cannot be used. The transfer of the motif (logo) is by means of a transfer foil, which we first cut on a plotter.

Potisk termotransférem

Screen printing 

Screen printing is an often neglected printing technique, Fr.  which many claim that  it's about  technique that will first be printed by digital printing. On  On the one hand, this statement is true, there really are areas where digital printing has taken a dominant position and  screen printing  Today it is used only rarely, on  on the other hand, there are still a number of segments and  individual applications that we cannot imagine without this technique.

Advantages of screen printing: low cost of printing  for serial orders

síto tisk

Sublimation printing

Sublimation printing is one of the transmission technologies and its essence lies in the use of physical phenomena.  The first phenomenon is the ability of the special  The sublimation ink that is applied to the transfer paper immediately changes state from solid to gaseous. The second phenomenon is related to the property of polymers in the sublimation layer, where due to the heating of the material, their structure is released and the micro-pores are opened.   Only on polyester and white t-shirts or backgrounds!

sublimační potisk trička

Machine embroidery

Machine embroidery is a very effective method with which it is possible to use more colors, so this type of embroidery has more possibilities and uses. We focus on a variety of embroidery, but also company logos, various motifs, inscriptions and emblems. You can have these embroideries on T-shirts, polo shirts, vests, sweatshirts, work clothes, caps, tablecloths.

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