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Glass sandblasting is a special technique that allows you to transfer the required template (text, logo, graphics) to any object. The principle of sandblasting is blasting (surface disturbance) of the material with fine corundum sand over a template with a motif.


Engraving  Yippee  technology that replaces hand engraving and can therefore be said to create an inscription,  logo or  ornament  by removing material. 


Establishment designation

Engraving placard 

Gravírované cedulka

Photo engraving

Use of advanced technology  with a carbide tip that permanently prints texts and images on acrylic, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, gold, silver, platinum and metal objects.  The tip completes the surface with high speed and accuracy to accurately reproduce fine gradations of halftones, line graphs or text.  High resolution mode delivers amazing 529 dpi performance.  And vector mode creates sharp, clear lines that effectively render beautiful scripts and sharp logos.  The result is graphics and fonts that really stand out.  You can really gain creativity by mixing vector designs with photos! This machine is unique in its accuracy.

fotogravírování do kovu

Commemorative medals

Combination of engraving and photograving. Engraving label, medal using engraving.

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