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Printing on paper

Digital print:  

This is a classic laser printing, where the toner (in the form of powder) is baked into the paper. This method of printing is very fast, but may not be suitable for all types of printed matter. This printing is sometimes referred to as low-cost because it is suitable for smaller numbers of pieces.


  • print speed

  • low price at lower costs

  • print resistance (toner is baked at high temperature and does not smudge)


  • poorer quality when printing grays and gradients

  • it is not possible to print in spot color

  • higher price at high cost

Offset printing:

This method of printing has been used for more than 100 years, and although its development is still ongoing, the principle is the same. Prior to printing, exposure must be done, which slightly increases the price and prolongs the time required for production.


  • better print quality for gray bars and their shades

  • the possibility of printing spot colors and thus reduced prices for less colored printed matter

  • better price at higher costs


  • longer order processing time

  • high price for smaller orders

  • moisture may cause the print to smudge slightly

Leaflet printing

Shop flyers, election flyers or information about cultural and sporting events - we will reliably prepare all these advertising materials for you and  we will deliver.  As a standard, we coat the leaflets with dispersion varnish and we can additionally refine them with either matt or glossy foil and also with UV varnish. 

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Large full-color  posters that we print in as little as 100 pieces will reliably fulfill their purpose.  We print posters on high-quality chalk or offset paper. You can choose from up to eleven formats  from A3 to XXL (1090 x 1530 mm).  The standard is provided with a dispersion varnish. If you decide for finishing, we will cover the posters with UV varnish (up to B2 format).

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Folded leaflets

 Create an original graphic design for them so that they can proudly present their content when opened.

Stacked full-color  We print leaflets on 130, 170 or 250 g coated paper. They are permanently secured with dispersion varnish. To improve them, we offer matt or glossy foil. You decide on their final form. 

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Other printing

We also offer printing of business cards, brochures, business boards, notebooks, carbonless papers, stitched catalogs - glued, invitations, postcards, tickets, production of calendars  and many other non-standard ones  printed matter.

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