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Sublimation printing

Sublimation printing is one of the transmission technologies and its essence lies in the use of physical phenomena.  The first phenomenon is the ability of the special  The sublimation ink that is applied to the transfer paper immediately changes state from solid to gaseous. The second phenomenon is related to the property of polymers in the sublimation layer, where due to the heating of the material, their structure is released and the micro-pores are opened.

What materials can we use?

The most suitable material for the application of this technology is 100% polyester, or a mixture of cotton and polyester and its products. Polyester  for the purposes of sublimation printing, it excels directly in ideal properties. It is strong, mechanically and chemically resistant and can be used to produce various types of materials. T-shirts, tank tops, pillows and lots of other textiles to print. A typical product of sublimation technology is  sports jerseys.

Another category for the application of sublimation printing  is ceramics, glass, puzzles,  mouse pads  and various materials that contain a special sublimation layer.  A typical product is various promotional items or gift items.

T-shirt printing

Sublimační tisk

Photo stones 

Sublimační tisk

Shoulder bags

Sublimační tisk

Coasters, pads

Sublimační tisk
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