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Photo paintings

Many problems occur in standard sizes when required  the size does not suit you and you need a smaller or larger one.  That's why we have a solution. Just say what size you need and here  you also get it at no extra charge. The price is always calculated for  1m2. The photo image does not even have to be with your motif, they are happy for you  the required motif can be found in the best quality in the photo bank (eg fauna, flora, cities, space, children's motifs, etc.)  

As the only photo maker, you no longer need a hammer,  dowels, drill, and you don't even have to wait for the man to  He gave you the picture. Image management really does  each. Our system for hanging "Simple and fast" photo images  holds really everywhere even on sloping walls or 

Photo painting on the wall

Simple elegant, for any house, apartment or cottage. 

Výroba fotoobrazů na míru

Photo picture on the ceiling

He keeps the photo images on the ceiling, without any drilling or complicated assembly. 

Výroba fotoobrazů na míru

Photo painting on a sloping wall

The photo image can be mounted on anyone  type of dry masonry and any angle.

Výroba fotoobrazů na míru

Photo frames

We make wooden photo picture frames exactly to the client's needs, without any surcharge for non-standard dimensions. 

Výroba fotoobrazů na míru
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