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Copying documents to A3 format

You need quality and  cheap copying,  printing  or  scanning your materials?  We offer color and black and white printing, copying and scanning of your documents in formats A5 to A3. Our office is equipped with modern and high quality printers, copiers and scanners.


Production of stickers with a shape cut, or any size for a car, sign, shop window, sidewalk, simply wherever you need it. 



Wallpapers exactly tailored to your home, office or commercial space. Your imagination can be unlimited. You can have a wallpaper with your own theme.

Tisk tapet dle přání

Printing and storage 

The most economical form of advertising. It is printed directly on the material (canvas). We have a print width of 320 cm. We can print a banner with a size of eg 3x20m. but also much larger. 

Montáž banneru

A4 / A3 scanning

Resin-embedded stickers give your logo a 3D effect. We produce stickers in smaller dimensions  and costs.   

3D samolepky v pryskyřici
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