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car stickers

Company car stickers are among  the most effective marketing investment. They are well visible, distinctive and help build the brand.


As a result, they represent your company on every journey.

Tip: it is important to choose the right material for the sticker. If you are considering a sticker, be sure to get some advice on what type of sticker to use. Often people want to save and pay as little as possible and this will show in a very short time. It is also not good to leave the sticker on the vehicle for more than 6 years. Removing stickers can also be more expensive. 


The combination of printing and so-called cut advertising is another link in car stickers.  Visually very effective and good for e-shops or companies that want to visually tell the customer what the company does.  

Tip: here is the most important part of printing. If you want to have a nice print in 3 years, it is important that the contractor prints on at least polymer / cast foil and uses the original inks in the machine. If you want to maintain maximum quality and durability,


All-adhesive is another link in car stickers. Visually very effective and interesting solution.  

Here it is almost certain that someone will notice the car. A great tool for fast brand building and company representation.  

Tip: this is a relatively complicated sticker. It is very important that the printing and lamination are printed on a so-called cast foil. Many physical processes take place during this process. High temperatures in summer and frost in winter. Therefore, the film must be "cast" which is the highest level of film. Experiment with a different type of foil  is a big gamble especially placement under the handles, in the car moldings and rounded shapes. 

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